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March 28, 2009
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As professional Firefighters, each day we rely on a commitment to teamwork, safety and integrity to provide our communities with emergency services when they need them most. Applying these same principles to the Residential Moving Industry has allowed us to create a company that provides the Greater Toronto Area with the highest standards of moving and relocation services.

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Professional, Reliable and Personable

September 28, 2012
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I just completed my 3rd move with your company. Each experience was fantastic. The crew and office staff were very professional, reliable and personable.

I highly recommend Fireman Movers whether the move is large or small, easy or difficult. The service is amazing. Special thanks to the crew Andrew and Marco for the precarious handling of the heavy furniture through some very tight spots.


September 6, 2012
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In June Firemen Movers helped us move my elderly parents from a large home to a smaller one. The move was a huge success, thanks to the great guys. The crew was highly efficient, and very organized, thoughtful and helpful. Our whole family was so impressed, and satisfied, especially my parents. We will let everyone we know that Firemen Movers are the best!!!

We can not thank you enough! All the best to you guys!

Lili P.

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A Great Experience

September 4, 2012
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I used Firemen Movers twice this summer, and it was a great experience.

Aaron’s crew were great – all of the furniture was treated with great care and arrived in perfect condition at the final destination. Many of our neighbours were also impressed at their attitude, work ethic and just overall great guys.

This is a company/service that I no reservations about providing a great recommendation.

Michael M

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We Put Firemen Movers To The Test

August 24, 2012
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We all know its been a long hot summer and not the best weather for moving that’s for sure.  Our move in July was a little more complicated than most.  With stops at 3 different houses to pack up before going to our now forever home we put the Firemen movers to the test.  These guys were organized, friendly and never stopped working.  They helped to dismantle and then re-assemble complicated desks, helped with furniture placement and when i changed my mind more than a few times on where things would go they never once complained.

What is probably the icing on the cake to this is how they compare to the competition.  On the same afternoon another family was moving in across the street.  There were 3 “Two Men and a Truck” trucks across the street for the other house and it was interesting to see the work ethic of both teams when they were face to face.  I’ve gotta tell ya – those Two Men guys were taking scheduled breaks constantly, skateboarding with the kids and putting in half the effort of my Firemen movers.  That was a true testament to this company.

Moving is a completely stressful time but with the help of these guys it was all good.  I have already recommended them to anyone who has asked and if we ever do move again they will be our go to guys.


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Highly Recommended

July 16, 2012
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Today, while many things in our lives have improved compared generations ago, there is one aspect from the past we miss dearly – honesty and ethics.

Lies, half-truths, cohersion, and unreliability seem to be standard business practice these days. It is so nice to deal with a firm that provides an honest business agreement outlining all the costs upfront, shows up on time with knowledgeable and adequately trained staff, and works productively at both work sites. No monkey business,no surprise fees, no “we could not find a truck to rent” nonsense, no unfit movers complaining about all the stairs, no banging furniture into walls, no long comfort breaks while the clock ticks.

Great service with a smile like things used to be back when I was young.

Highly recommended.



July 9, 2012
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As everyone knows, moving is one of the most overwhelming and stressful activities known to man. Many a marriage has died during that time. Our experience was however lightened by us having chosen the “Firemen Movers” to move our belongings, (of which we have way too many). Our team: Ryan, Harry and Curtis, arrived exactly on time in an extremely well-organized and amazingly well equipped truck, ready to go to work. I was amazed, to say the least, at their efficient, careful and respectful work ethics and their hard work, in spite of the extreme mid summer heat. It has been a long time since I’ve seen young men work so hard and as a perfect team. It was obvious to me, that they had all completed the training required to become “fire fighters” and I am convinced that this activity will serve them well in their career as “firefighters”. I was, to say the least, very proud of each one of them. Hats off to the entire organization !!! Thank you so much !!


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Reliable, Respectful, Very Professional

June 14, 2012
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I booked Marched 27, 2012. Reliable, respectful, very professional, great sense of humor, No concerns, no damage. Will book again when needed.


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Downright Easy!

June 12, 2012
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We would like to thank Fireman movers for making what could have been a very stressful day downright easy.  Curtis, Kyle and Moses are hard working, careful and were very easy to trust with our belongings.  Many thanks and we wish them luck with their goals.

Rob and Doreen, Toronto

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Move in Toronto

April 9, 2012
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Doug, on behlaf of Lara and I I wanted to thank you and your team for all the help in our move. You made a stressful time very manageable.

Professional, friendly, efficient are how I would describe your company and people.

Wouldn’t hesitate is passing your service along to anyone who is considering moving.


Peter C

Can Do Attitudes!

March 26, 2012
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I was reluctant to use “professional” movers again after awful experiences on two previous moves. For the last one, I thought I had done my research in choosing a professional mover and when I did, I requested an additional man. On the day of the move, they showed up with the wrong-size truck (which did not fit half of my stuff)and my “extra” man was a senior citizen. One of the regular guys was over-weight and unfit and the 2nd guy a skinny teenager. Only one spoke some English so communication was difficult. They loaded and un-loaded the truck 4X before making the first (and ONLY) trip to the new house. They refused to take the furniture past the garage. My daughter and niece unloaded more stuff than these three “movers”! They would not unload until paid-in-full and they flatly refused to go back for the rest of my stuff.

On the other hand, the Firemen (Andrew, Chris, Arron & Kyle)showed up with smiles and “can do” attitudes! These four strapping, fit, young guys arrived ready to take on the three floors of my townhome which they did quickly, cheerfully and with amazing team-work. The four of them lowered a massive baker’s rack down from the 2nd-floor patio with ease. They brought an extra truck (which wasn’t needed and I wasn’t charged for)and lots of blankets, wrap, etc. They treated all my stuff like their own prized possessions and they treated ME with respect. At the other end, they quickly unloaded and placed the items wherever my daughter advised them, too. The move went smoother and much faster than anticipated.

I would highly recommend these guys for any move you might be considering! Oh, and the final cost was less than the original quote, too!


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